Fire & Water Damage Restoration with Mold Remediation in Boston, MA

In the heart of Boston, MA. Our company, Boston Fire & Flood Restoration, stands as a beacon of reliability for homeowners. With our unrivaled expertise in water, fire, storm damage and mold restoration, we’ve been the trusted name for countless residents throughout the years. As a longstanding member of the Boston community, our dedication goes beyond business; it’s about safeguarding the homes and memories of our neighbors

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Boston Fire & Flood Restoration is Boston’s best choice for water damage restoration, fire damage repair, and mold remediation, bringing over two decades of experience to ensure homes return to their pristine state.

Water Damage Restoration in Boston, MA:

 Water damage can strike when you least expect it. Whether it’s a burst pipe or an unexpected flood, the aftermath can be devastating. At Boston Fire & Flood Restoration, we understand the urgency. With top-notch commercial dehumidifiers, moisture meters, and air movers at our fingertips, our team quickly tackles water damage, extracting water and disinfecting any materials we can save. With our proactive approach, we not only address visible damage but also prevent potential future issues.


water damage restoration is Boston

Fire Damage Restoration in Boston, MA:

The aftermath of a fire can be overwhelming. Charred belongings, soot-covered walls, and the lingering smell of smoke serve as a constant reminder of the disaster. But with Boston Fire & Flood Restoration by your side, recovery is within reach. We specialize in comprehensive fire damage repair, meticulously addressing every aspect including soot and smoke odor removal. Choosing us means entrusting your home to the experts who treat it as their own.

Mold Remediation in Boston, MA:

Unchecked mold growth poses a silent threat to homes, jeopardizing both the structure and the health of its inhabitants. Boston Fire & Flood Restoration offers an effective and eco-friendly approach to mold treatment. Our team utilizes specialized services such as indoor air quality improvement and odor removal, ensuring a breathable and safe environment for your loved ones. Our commitment? A mold-free home that feels fresh and rejuvenating.

Why Boston Fire & Flood Restoration is Your Best Choice?

With numerous industry partners, including Jenkins Restorations and Green Home Solutions, our expertise is both diverse and specialized. Our commitment extends beyond mere service provision; we aim for customer satisfaction, ensuring every client feels valued and heard. It’s this dedication, combined with our expertise, that has made us Boston’s first choice for home restoration for over two decades.


Boston Fire & Flood was a pleasure to work with. I had water damage in my condo which I didn’t notice until the middle of the night. I called the first company I could find online with positive reviews and they answered my call after two rings at midnight. They saved me thousands and thousands of dollars because they were accessible and responsive, and contained/fixed my problem, and also restored my property with premier work. Do not hesitate for one moment to hire Boston Fire & Flood. Thank you!

John O’Keefe

Really great company and excellent customer service. Easy installation and the water tastes great. I had a minor issue after they came to install the machine. I emailed Naz and he came to resolve the issue that same day. I highly recommend this company!!

Alexandra Hamzeh

Great Company, Excellent customer service. Very thorough, they do a great job through the entire process including cleanup. They came in to get all of our ice machines cleaned and sanitized. Did a fantastic job.

James M


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