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Welcome Natick residents! When disaster impacts your home or business, Boston Fire and Flood stands ready to assist with expert restoration services. Available 24/7, just call 339-675-1388 and our dedicated team will be on their way to help you recover from fire, water, or storm damage quickly and effectively.

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Our Services in Natick

24/7 Emergency Services: Our immediate response team is always on alert to provide fast and effective solutions, minimizing the impact of damage and starting the recovery process without delay.

Water Damage Restoration: Natick’s geographical location can lead to various water challenges. Our expert team is equipped to manage all types of water damage, from flood recovery to leak repair, ensuring thorough water extraction and damage mitigation to protect your property.

Fire Damage Restoration: We understand the devastation fire can cause. Our comprehensive fire damage restoration in Natick includes cleanup, repair, and restoration services designed to bring your property back to its pre-damage condition, or even better.

Storm and Wind Damage Restoration: Storms can be unpredictable, but our preparedness is constant. We provide robust solutions to storm and wind damage, from temporary protection measures to full repairs, ensuring your property is safe and secure.

Mold Remediation: The presence of mold can be detrimental to health and property. Our mold remediation experts in Natick focus on effectively removing mold and implementing preventive measures to avoid its recurrence, maintaining a healthy environment.

Why Choose Boston Fire and Flood in Natick?

Our deep understanding of Natick’s specific environmental and architectural challenges allows us to provide customized restoration services that effectively address your needs. At Boston Fire and Flood, we combine technical expertise with compassionate service to ensure your restoration experience is smooth and stress-free.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to delivering not only top-notch restoration services but also providing support and reassurance throughout the restoration process. We strive to restore both your property and your peace of mind.


We’re available 24/7 to discuss your restoration needs. Get the help you deserve.

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Residential Services

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For emergency services or more details, please call 339-675-1388 or email us at [email protected]. Let us help you navigate the aftermath of any disaster with confidence and ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to fix water damage?

The best way to fix water damage involves several key steps:

  1. Locate the Source: Identify where the water is coming from to prevent further damage.
  2. Turn off the Power: Ensure safety by shutting off electricity to the affected area.
  3. Call the Insurance Company: Report the damage and start the claims process.
  4. Remove Wet Items and Begin Drying: Remove water-soaked items and start drying the area using fans and dehumidifiers.
  5. Contact a Water Restoration Professional: Get expert help to assess and repair the damage.
  6. Call a Mold Specialist: Prevent mold growth by having a specialist inspect and treat the area.
  7. Clean the Space: Thoroughly clean and disinfect the affected area.
  8. Restore and Rebuild: Repair and replace damaged materials to restore the area to its original condition.
Can water damage be fixed in a house?

Yes, water damage can be fixed in a house. The extent of repairs depends on the severity and duration of the water exposure. Common repairs include replacing flooring, furniture, drywall, and addressing mold issues. In severe cases, significant renovations might be necessary, including replacing structural components like wood beams.

Why is water damage restoration important?

Water damage restoration is important because standing water can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other harmful microorganisms. These can cause respiratory issues, allergies, and other health problems. Timely restoration helps remove excess moisture, eliminate health hazards, and create a healthier living environment.

What should you do first if you see water damage?

The first thing to do when you see water damage is to locate the source of the water. Stopping the water immediately is crucial to prevent further damage. This might involve turning off all water to your home or calling a professional right away. After stopping the water, you should turn off the power to the affected area for safety.

How do you recover from fire damage?

Recovering from fire damage involves several steps:

  1. Check With Your Family: Ensure everyone is safe and accounted for.
  2. Contact Your Insurance Carrier: Start the claims process for the damage.
  3. Assess Your Home’s Structural Damage: Determine if your home is salvageable with a professional evaluation.
  4. Secure Your Property: Prevent further damage by boarding up windows, doors, and any openings.
  5. Organize Your Possessions: Separate damaged items from undamaged ones.
  6. Saving Undamaged Possessions: Clean and restore items that were not affected by the fire.
  7. Find Temporary Housing: Stay somewhere safe while the restoration process takes place.
What is the best way to clean fire damage?

To clean fire damage, use a mild soap or detergent, or a mixture of 4 to 6 tablespoons of tri-sodium phosphate and 1 cup of household cleaner or chlorine bleach per gallon of warm water. Wear rubber gloves and rinse surfaces with clear warm water, then dry thoroughly to remove soot and smoke from walls, furniture, and floors.

How do you rebuild a house after a fire?

Contact Your Insurance Carrier: Start the claims process.
Assess Structural Damage: Get a professional evaluation.
Secure the Property: Board up windows, doors, and openings to prevent further damage.
Repair Structural Damage: Prioritize fixing major structural elements.
Inspect the Electrical System: Ensure safety and repair any damage.
Address Fire-Specific Problems: Clean up smoke, soot, and water damage from firefighting efforts.

How do you restore fire-damaged wood?
  1. Remove Loose or Charred Wood: Use a chisel or sandpaper.
  2. Sand the Area: Smooth out the damaged surface.
  3. Apply Wood Filler: Fill any gaps or holes with wood filler.
  4. Sand Again: Ensure the area is smooth.
  5. Stain or Paint: Match the repaired area to the surrounding wood.


boston guy
boston guy
Called this team in after a grease fire in my kitchen. Thought my unit would never be the same after smoke and damage and odor. Within two weeks, place was restored to new! Extremely impressed!
Meg Guiry
Meg Guiry
Helped in a time of need, great group!
Peter Donovan
Peter Donovan
Had multiple locations with significant damages from the historic deep freeze in February of 2023. We called them in to two different locations which were total losses. The response time, professionalism, and communications during the entire mitigation and rebuild process was unparalleled, highly recommend for homeowners or property managers when emergencies strike.
Shawn Bloom
Shawn Bloom
The best remediation company in Boston. They are great communicators and will handle the emergency response all the way to the rebuilds and repairs while updating owners/agents throughout. They will work directly with the insurance companies as well. I’ve managed 100s of claims over the years. They are the best company I have worked with.
Sam Roberts
Sam Roberts
These guys saved my property. Had a burst pipe. They came right in and addressed everything very thoroughly. I highly recommend them.



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